Monday, 4 July 2016

5 Rules to Write Effectively for Magazine Editors and Clients

A good freelance writer should acquire new writing skills to guarantee a long term success in this field. It is also imperative to understand that given these all essential qualities, a freelance writer must write effectively in various writing tasks. As every task is different and require different solution. Let us understand it from the example:
Writing a research paper uses entirely different tools than writing an advertising copy for promoting sales of a product. The latter requires you to give information about benefits you can derive from the product, with an attracting and interesting layout, minimal text, use of graphics, including tactics to endorse customers to take action to buy the advertised product. While the former an in-depth research paper which requires an in-depth knowledge on the topic of interest. An extensive research is required to support your facts and attain reliability. Target audience may vary from students, to scientists, to big organizations. Hence the writing needs of both these jobs are entirely different.
Thus it is now evident that the secret to effective writing requires an organized effort. In other words, you should find out, what are you writing about? Who are you writing to? Why are you writing?
Let's explore a step by step procedure that will help us identify various writing needs specific to our job and to develop quality writing.
Process to Develop Quality Writing
As of now you are well aware of the importance of writing a quality article. But the question is how? How can we develop a quality article? There are no hard and fast rules for freelancer writers, as every job is different from the previous but we can off course follow a proper procedure to write a quality article. Let's see a step by step procedure of effectively developing quality content.
1) Understand the basic need of the job:
The first and foremost step before starting to write anything is to know the purpose. You should be well aware of the purpose of the job and your clients' expectations from you. Also as freelance writing is very vast, you should know the type of article you are required to prepare. For example writing a research paper will entirely be different from writing an advertisement as discussed in the example above.
2) Know your audience:
Your audience is your end users and the success of your job depends on their viewership. It is crucial to know about your audience and their interests.
3) Brainstorm and develop a manuscript:
Before starting to write anything it is always advisable to develop an outline and format of your copy.
4) Create a quality content:
A great deal of hard work and thinking is required to generate a piece of good quality content. You should choose your words carefully. Express your ideas with elegance, while being direct and persuasive. Some tasks require you to call for action for example feedback, calling to place an order etc. so customize your text according to the specialized need of your task.

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